The four temperament system is one of the oldest personality type theories in the world. The approach is believed to have been developed by the Greeks and the Arabs in the 15th century and was successfully used them to treat different conditions.

Some modern-day medical practices still make use of the human temperament to treat certain medical conditions. According to this theory, it is believed that different individuals have different amounts of bodily fluids which define their psychological and personality type. Let us explore some of the human temperament.

Sanguine Personality Type

power of positive thinking Individuals with the sanguine personality type tend towards being carefree, buoyant, optimistic, and carefree. They have a high-risk tolerance and love adventure. They quickly get bored and will always look for opportunities whereby they can be entertained or experience different feelings. This feeling may affect their relationships adversely because relationships need tolerance and understanding. Most of them typically overweight problems because they overeat.

They make excellent artists because they are imaginative and creative. They are great entertainers, and many usually cut the entertainment industry. They have specific natural abilities that could help them in solving problems in sports, catering, fashion, travel, and marketing.

Phlegmatic Personality Type

The people with this type of temperament are typically referred to as the men of the people. They usually have excellent interpersonal skills which make them have close relationships with people. They make great parents and faithful spouses.

They believe in relationships and work to ensure that the relationships with their neighbors, distant relations, and old friends are maintained. They make the best mediators and usually work hard in preventing conflicts. They excel in the social services, child development, counseling, teaching, and nursing.

Choleric Personality Type

The individuals with this type of temperament are typically goal-oriented. They are logical, analytical, and savvy. They are straightforward and practical. They are not so good with relationships since they are not social.

They love meaningful discussions and hate the small talk. They are lone rangers and hate mediocrity. They are ideal for jobs in fields like technology, engineering, statistics, management, and programming.

Melancholic Personality Type

girl thinking

Last but not least, we have individuals that are referred to as the melancholic personality type. These are individuals who are old-fashioned. They believe in the “natural” order of the society that women are subordinates to men.

Such people marry from their tribe or country. They are unlikely to leave their country and settle for another. They are social and will look for ways on how to positively contribute to the society. They are perfect for administration, social work, accounting, and management.